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Self Reflection

01. How do I move these markers around?

You drag-and-drop a marker closer to your profile picture, at the center of the self-reflection view, the more that marker represents you. If a marker doesn’t represent you, you drag-and-drop it further away from your profile picture.

02. How do I know if I am working on Enablers or Blockers? Am I meant to be thinking about my Best Days or Worst Days right now?

The self-reflection process is divided into reflecting on how well key behaviorally-based markers represent you on your BEST DAYS (part 1) and on your WORST DAYS (part 2).

  • Everyone has good days, and on your BEST DAYS, when you really feel like you are unleashing your strengths, how well do key ENABLING, “superpower” markers represent you? 👍
  • Everyone has bad days, and on your WORST DAYS, how much do critical BLOCKING markers, often representing fears which get in the way of your potential, represent you? 👎

Keep the good day/bad day orientation in mind when you are doing the self-reflection. The colour scheme of the BLA changes based on whether it is asking about good days (blue) or bad days (pink).

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