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Getting Started

01. How do I access the BLA?

You will get an invitation to access the BLA via email

📭 From: BLA <>📭

The email will have a link 🔗 that will bring you to the BLA account creation page.

If you are accessing the BLA for the first time, this link will bring you to the account creation page.
Once you have created an account the link will bring you directly to the BLA login page via the web address:

02. How do I create my account and add a profile picture?

The first time you log into the BLA, you are taken directly to the account creation page to set your password, agree to the terms and conditions, and add a profile picture.

The upload photo process is super intuitive and very fast

The profile pic. is extremely important for the optimal use of the app

03. I’m logged in, I‘ve created my account,
I’ve added a profile picture, what do I do now?

Check the basic orientation information on your personal dashboard, including your avatar,
then click on 🏁 START NOW 🏁 to begin your self-reflection.

The process of doing a self-reflection and gathering feedback from others
is called an Assessment in the BLA.

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