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Francesca & Stefano

Introduce yourself within a sentence.
Irony is a serious thing.

What is the most challenging part of your life in this time of crisis?
The most difficult part, without a shadow of a doubt, is not being able to see, touch and embrace our friends and relatives.

What is your guiding light every day that makes you smile?
Targeting ourselves is the only way for us to keep our minds alive. Work, personal and even family goals. This condition of isolation will still be long, just waiting for it to pass is not a healthy option. Thinking, planning and realizing in the short term will ensure that time will pass without weighing and at the end of it all will remain an important baggage.

If you can share a source of hope with someone in need, what would it be?
Without making rhetoric, one thing must be said: this emergency has awakened in many people a sense of closeness and belonging that was missing. What you can feel is a network of people ready to support those in need. We see it every day in our small and it’s amazing!


Here are some stories of the people around us
who are facing these times of crisis with hope and determination


Ilse & Christian





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