Introduce yourself within a sentence.
Dear Lord, please help me to be the man my dog thinks I am.

What is the most challenging part of your life in this time of crisis?
The most challenging part of this crisis is the isolation from family and friends. I miss seeing people and interacting with them.

What is your guiding light every day that makes you smile?
God is my guiding light. I try to lift people up, make them smile, and be a helping hand. I feel like that’s the simple message of the golden rule.

If you can share a source of hope with someone in need, what would it be?
Please let’s all remember that this too shall pass. We want to be remembered and remember others for the kindness shown during these difficult times. I was told the other day that one simple word can help change our view on the situation: I’m not stuck at home, I’m safe at home.


Here are some stories of the people around us
who are facing these times of crisis with hope and determination


Ilse & Christian





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