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Interview with Mauricio

a handful of questions to our colleagues


Mauricio is amazing!

Who is Mauricio?

Mauricio Franco is a Talent Acquisition & External Partner Lead at the German office.

But he is much more than this.
Let him describe himself!

I was born into the HR consulting business. My father started an Executive Search firm the same year I was born. When I was 12, my summer vacations included going to the office and learning what an organizational chart was, and reading resumes. Since then, the jump into a full-time position has been a natural process.

In these last 30 years working in the HR consultancy business, I had the chance to personally place more than 1000 executives, manage challenging projects to hire 10 thousand people in 5 thousand cities and pioneer the Recruiting Process Outsource -RPO concept. During this period, I was able to build relationships with global 1000 companies and also with many family-owned businesses. We developed network relationships worldwide. In 2001 we were fortunate to have the chance to be bought by TMP Monster, at the time, the disruptor of the HR industry. With Monster, I had the opportunity to acquire HR consultancies in the region and be part of the acquisition and diversification team.

When I decided to look for new opportunities, I could not wish for a more perfect place to work than atrain. The sense of ownership, transparency, connection with our colleagues, the courage and safe environment to experiment with new things, and the constant pursuit to excel and keep true to our values and purpose make me wake up every day looking forward to building the blocks in our road to outstanding achievements.

Let’s start!

We know that each company has its own characteristics and peculiarities, could you tell us which ones distinguish us and which you might not have found elsewhere?

atrain has a unique corporate culture, and what makes us so special is the constant pursuit of walking the talk. I appreciate our complete transparency on all topics, the continued concern for the psychological safety of all of us, the openness to capture all voices and ideas, and the incentive to anyone that has a passion for driving or participating in all strategic and essential topics.

What surprised you the most, hopefully in a positive way, when you started working at atrain?

The care and the effort to make me feel secure, the warm welcome from everyone, the respect and openness to my ideas, and the sense of appreciation for me as an individual.

We strongly believe in the onboarding process, what has been your experience with it?

Intense, clarifying, valuable and essential to get me at full speed.

"atrain has a unique
corporate culture,
and what makes us so special
is the constant pursuit
of walking the talk"

What are your specific skills, areas of expertise and which aspects of our business do you like to focus on most?

My skills are in the Management of the entire cycle of our External Partners, from sourcing to managing their relationship with atrain. Also, I am responsible for the Talent Acquisition of our internal employees, and I am part of the Commercial Council.
My focus is to attract internal and external talents aligned with our purpose and values to guarantee we deliver the expected impact to our customers, atrain, and society.

At atrain we are structured according to the Self Organized Teams and Mission-Based Teams model, can you tell us something about your specific experience and how this type of organisation reflects on your work?

I have been fortunate to be part of all models of internal cooperation. I had the pleasure of having a Mission Base Team to crack with me some of the most challenging topics regarding External Partners. Recently Human Resources moved to become a self-organized team with many motivating challenges. This has been a great learning experience for me in co-creating solutions and capturing inputs from all corners of the organization.

Sometimes working life can be challenging, if you are in a difficult moment how do you find the support you need?

I feel confident asking for help from any of my colleagues, and I know support and nonjudgmental guidance will always be available.

What makes your daily work-life special?

My colleagues, the feeling of recognition, respect, appreciation, and connection to our values and purpose.

Tell us something about your best or weirdest or funniest moment in your life at atrain?

My best moment is every single day, I am a fortunate person that wakes up motivated and looking forward to my working day.

What makes working at atrain amazing?

My colleagues and their positive energy!

We want to give importance
to individual perspectives


We want to give importance
to individual perspectives


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2015 – 2023 © All copyright reserved to atrain GmbH

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