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Interview with Jessica

a handful of questions to our colleagues


Jessica is amazing!

Who is Jessica?

Jessica Knapp is a Senior Consultant at the German office.

But she is much more than this.
Let her describe herself!

I am an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist by education and also so much more – a wife, a mother, an avid reader, a lifelong learner, an outdoor enthusiast, among other things.

My reason for choosing this career path was simple – I wanted to help people find fulfillment and joy at work. Given the fact that the average person will spend at least one third of their life at their place of employment, it seemed more important than ever that work would also be a place for personal growth and development.

I have spent my career helping companies hire the best people, develop individuals and leaders, and put processes and tools in place to encourage learning and growth. I have spent countless hours analyzing employee engagement survey data, debriefing feedback for leaders, and co-creating the future of leadership development with my colleagues and customers.

I spent the first 13 years of my career in the United States and then moved my family across the world to Germany to join atrain. It was the best decision we could have made! I have made more progress on my personal growth journey in the last 3.5 years at atrain than in all my previous years combined. I am so grateful to have a place where I can bring my whole self to work, knowing that my colleagues will support me when I need it and also give me feedback when it is necessary. I am excited to see what the next years will bring!

Let’s start!

We know that each company has its own characteristics and peculiarities, could you tell us which ones distinguish us and which you might not have found elsewhere?

At atrain, I get to do my work almost completely autonomously. There is support available when I need it, but I get to choose how to work with my customers and how best to deliver what they need. There is no one looking over my shoulder or micro-managing me – it is a great feeling to know that you are trusted!


What are your specific skills, areas of expertise and which aspects of our business do you like to focus on most?

I love to facilitate! At atrain, I have the opportunity to facilitate workshops, sprints, development centers, assessment centers, leadership journeys, and more.

"At atrain there is no one
looking over my shoulder
or micro-managing me"

At atrain we are structured according to the Self Organized Teams and Mission-Based Teams model, can you tell us something about your specific experience and how this type of organisation reflects on your work?

Working in an SOT allows for more autonomy and independence than I could have imagined. Knowing that I am trusted to do my work the way I think is best for the customer is truly empowering.


Sometimes working life can be challenging, if you are in a difficult moment how do you find the support you need?

It is easy to find at atrain – there are some truly amazing people who work here, and I feel comfortable reaching out at any time – especially being an expat – I don’t know what I would do without my atrain family!


What makes your daily work-life special?

When I am not traveling to the customer, I work remotely from home. My husband also works remotely which gives me the opportunity to spend time with him at lunch – go for a run or walk. I also get to send my kids off to school in the morning and greet them when they get home. It really makes work/life balance possible for this working mom!


What makes working at atrain amazing?

Not only do I get to do the work that I love, but I get to do it with the best people!

We want to give importance
to individual perspectives


We want to give importance
to individual perspectives


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2015 – 2023 © All copyright reserved to atrain GmbH

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