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Interview with Hanna

a handful of questions to our colleagues

Hanna is amazing!

Who is Hanna?

Hanna Geiger is a working student in the Solutions hub as Solution Designer Assistant.

But she is much more than this.
Let her describe herself!

Hi, I´m Hanna- a psychologist, a yoga, nature, and coffee lover who spends most of her free time skiing, hiking, cycling, running- well, basically anything that´s in nature 😉

If you can´t find me outdoors, you´ll most likely find me in a cute café, sitting at my piano, chatting with friends about life, or diving deep into projects for work and university. Besides having been an external junior at atrain for almost two years now, I have been studying psychology at the same time. I have studied both in Germany and the US, and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to travel to Asia, the Americas, and throughout Europe for several internships and training.

Travelling holds a special place in my heart. I love exploring new places, meeting new people and new cultures. This so often offers new perspectives on life, on why we do the things we do, on old habits, stereotypes, thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Working at atrain almost does the same job by providing work on different projects, with diverse customers, and colleagues from all over the world.
And this is simply amazing.

Let’s start!

We know that each company has its own characteristics and peculiarities, could you tell us which ones distinguish us and which you might not have found elsewhere?

The people, the professionality, and the work culture of atrain!
atrainers are motivated, open-minded, smart, supportive- and just lovely people you want to spend time with! Though work can be a lot sometimes, collectively balancing work and life is of high priority. Plus, it is rare to find a company that works with such a high professionality. atrain applies science, and with this, creates a happy company while helping others become one, too.

What surprised you the most, hopefully in a positive way, when you started working at atrain?

I still remember my first meeting very well. It was a virtual meeting with the full team, and I was so surprised at how warm and appreciative the colleagues were of each other! It is this family feeling which makes atrain so special- people can openly share their ideas, concerns, and feelings. This first meeting was so memorable and made my eyes shine whenever I was talking about my new job at atrain!

Sometimes working life can be challenging, if you are in a difficult moment how do you find the support you need?

Of course, there are times when project after project comes in and your to-do lists are expanding. Especially then, it is helpful to have a supportive team. So, short answer to the question above: The team.
If you know that work-heavy times are ahead, communicate it with the team and a solution will be found. Also, one thing that is super helpful is the mentoring system. Each new team member has his/her own mentor who is always there if questions, doubts, ideas, or wishes arise. At atrain, you don´t have to raise your voice in order to be heard. In other words: At atrain, there are ears that can listen and eyes that can see.

"At atrain,
there are ears
that can listen
and eyes that
can see"

What makes your daily work-life special?

The creativity and the flexibility.
At atrain, you can be creative, a bit artsy, a bit nerdy.
Here, I can directly apply knowledge gained at university and put it in a new context and process it in a creative way. By conducting research, summarizing, or communicating research findings at work, I can bring my psychological expertise on another level. Also, the flexibility at work is incredible and allows me to organize work around university- both time- and location-wise. A huge plus these days.

What makes working at atrain amazing?

The people, the values, the vision.

Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview? 🙂

Yes! Answering all these questions almost felt like writing a love letter and just made me realize again how grateful I am to be part of the atrain family. Keep going, keep growing, everyone.

We want to give importance
to individual perspectives

We want to give importance
to individual perspectives

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2015 – 2023 © All copyright reserved to atrain GmbH

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