We create

the Conditions

for People

to Breakthrough

atrain is a global and dynamic consulting company focused on PEOPLE

We help our international customers to transform and develop by supporting the growth of organizations,
teams and individuals.

Our values and principles are based on a deep trust in the unique potential of every human being.

With our holistic, open and scientific approach, we design and deliver highly customized solutions in the areas of

Leadership Development Journeys +
Training & Development +
Leadership Assessment +
Organizational Transformation +
Executive Coaching +

"Our passion, curiosity, innate diversity and
human-centered mindset drive us to create a sustainable impact for our customers."


Human potential is limitless

We believe that every human being has a unique and unlimited potential and that each of us has the key to unlock it. All we need are the right conditions, conversations and moments of reflection to breakthrough.
Our goal is to create fertile ground for this to happen.


Growth starts with inner transformation

In order to truly transform, development and growth need to go beyond competencies and skills. Understanding our own identity (values, beliefs and fears) is the key to overcome internal blockers and realize our full potential. Our beliefs, shaped early in life and reinforced over time, create narratives that influence our lives. By introspecting deeply, observing our limiting perspectives in a non-judgmental way and rewriting them, we can set ourselves free and create more opportunities for growth.

Creative tension is the key to unlocking answers

We live in a complex world full of perspectives, models, and frameworks that attempt to explain our reality. Solutions to complex problems do not lie within the safe area of a specific discipline. It is the tension of different ideas (from science to spirituality) that gives birth to creative solutions that have a scientific basis and a human connection.

Co-creating for better outcomes

We strongly believe in creating impactful solutions together with our partners. Engaging them in the process from the very beginning, to not only come up with more relevant outcomes, but also to develop true empathy for the organization involved and its people.

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