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We offer skill-building workshops, development toolkits, and individual coaching to assist you in developing the mindset and capabilities that are critical to business success and individual development. We create an active learning environment wherein individuals define their goals and objectives and take charge of their own development.

Talent Identification Workshop

A key role of HR as a business partner is to identify talents for the company. In view of that, atrain partners with HR and adopts a facilitation approach in our Talent Identification Workshop. Participants of this workshop first sharpen skills in reviewing job performance, then, facilitated by atrain, they discuss their real challenges in identifying talents and come up with a balanced approach to creating a talent pool.

Coaching Training

atrain’s Coaching Training empowers managers to coach their employees, so that they become true leaders who are capable of supporting the people. The program focuses on both fundamental coaching techniques, such as listening and questioning skills, as well as long-term coach-coachee relationship building skills, such as methods to build the coachee’s commitment towards the coach and the whole talent development program. To ensure transfer of learning, participants practice using different coaching tools and coaching approaches through role-plays and exercises.

Competency-Based Interview Skills Training

Competency-based interviews can help organizations select the best-fit candidates, identify competency-gaps, and obtain information for succession planning – if they are properly designed and conducted. In this training, participants not only will develop practical skills in designing and delivering a comprehensive interview, but also gain insights into how to creatively utilize the information obtained from interviews in aspects such as talent development and career counseling.

Facilitating High Performance Teams Training

This training equips participants with skills which allow them to accelerate their team’s performance. At a process management level, participants learn and practice how to enhance team meeting effectiveness and how to leverage the members’ diverse characteristics. At a people management level, participants develop competencies in building trust within the team, eliciting the member’s potentials, resolving team conflicts, and creating lasting synergy.

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